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Propagating succulents from leaves

If you already have grown succulents, there is good news for you since if you need more of them, you don’t need to spend money purchasing new ones. The existing ones have the ability to produce baby succulents on their own. This process is called propagation. Sedums and Echeveria succulents can be propagated from both their leaves and cuttings, Aeoniums are only propagated from cuttings.

Propagating Succulents from Leaves

At first, when I began growing succulents, I used to think it’s so easy to propagate and care for succulents. Once I was in it I found out it wasn’t the case and I learned from lots of trial and error. I would pluck a leaf to propagate and then it would not grow, although some did. They can be picky little guys!

You can take a leaf that has fallen on its own from your succulent or carefully remove one off the stem. To avoid damaging your leaf, you should use a twisting motion so that you can pluck your leaf entirely from the plant. This is one reason why some do not grow since you break a part of it while pruning. After this, you should place all leaves on a paper plate or in a shallow dish and place in a shady dry place or in a warm bright window. I keep them like this for a few weeks to a few months depending on the season and the rate of growth. Most will sprout, some won’t and that’s ok! I leave them until the leaf gets dry and brittle and a new plant forms on the end, using all the nourishment from the momma leaf. Once this happens I lay it on the soil, tuck the roots in the soil and watch the new plant begin to grow!

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