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How to grow succulent plants indoors?

Growing succulent’s outdoors is easy, growing them inside will take an adjustment. Try to think like you are in the desert where the sun is unrelenting, monsoon downpours, and time-to-time temperature changes. Due to their ability to survive under low humidity, tolerance to moderate light, and weeks of neglect, house plant succulents like mother-in-law’s tongue, sansevieria and florist Kalanchoe are best planted in a bright living room or kitchen window. Most of them are easy to propagate too, by stem cuttings, pups, and leaf propagation.
Planting succulents indoors is not done differently from planting other plants in pots. Ensure the pots have drain holes or a way to drain off excess water after watering. When planting succulents in pots, you should select a soil type that allows easy drainage like a cactus mix, you can also add pumice to the cactus mix for better drainage in pots.
Indoor succulents need bright light to grow well, not stretch and keep their colors and shapes. This also depends on the type of succulents. I find succulents that have a harder skin do the best and most succulents do well indoors if placed in a very bright room or window and placed outside at least once a week for fresh air and bright morning sun. Sempervivums require a few hours of direct sunlight to develop foliage colors, Portulaca and Sedums become weak and leggy if they lack enough sunlight, Sansevieria and Hoya require very low amounts of light to grow well. Just note that most succulents will change color and shape when brought inside as they just don’t thrive inside, like they do outside. You should provide a nice drink of water when the soil is dry.

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