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Caring for Propagated Leaves and Cuttings

Ensure the leaves receive bright and filtered sunlight. After a few weeks, roots will start to develop and baby plants will start to sprout. Once the original leaf dries up and the new plant is about half an inch tall, you can remove the original leaf and remove the new plant, place in soil in a pot. Do not stress the roots with too much pressure of soil at the start although eventually, you will cover them completely with soil.

For plants like Echeverias you should propagate them by stem cuttings, this is because they are leggy and weak due to low sunlight. To do the cutting, use a sharp knife or garden shears and cut the stem. You can remove the leaves on top of the cut piece of stem. Just like the leaves, you should let them dry for a few days before burying them on the soil to avoid rotting due to moisture. After drying, you can plant the base of the stem in potting soil and water every few weeks. New plants will start to sprout around the stem after a few weeks and new leaves will replace the ones removed before planting it. That’s how you propagate and make your garden of succulents or you can buy some from our website. You can try this with a few leaves and plants to know what you require to establish your garden of succulents. For the new plants to sprout, the duration will depend on the time of the year, the temperature of your area, and type of succulent you are propagating.

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