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Do you have them on your succulents? I do, and they are a pain, but….it happens! Succulents can get aphids, spider mites and those attract ants and then well, the plant can get infested quickly! Don’t worry  You can get it under control FAST  by cutting off any infested flower blooms  removing dried leaves and generously spraying the infected plant and surrounding plants with a bug spray. ( I get mine at the local garden center) I like to spray when there will be no direct sun on the plant, so typically in the evening.

If you see ants or white cotton looking things in the soil, remove the plant, spray it with the bug killer, toss the old soil and plant in a clean pot with fresh soil.

There may be times when the plant can be a complete loss, unfortunately it can happen. The leaves may become a strange shape and the plant is really suffering.
You can try cutting all infested parts off,  give clean fresh soil and see if you can save it.

Here is what I use and it works all the time

Hope this is helpful!