About Us

Hello, my name is Sabrina and I am in love with, addicted to, and obsessed with succulents!  You may have already realized that, considering my mother Pat and I are the proud owners of Succulent Obsession!  

My love of succulents, and nature, started about ten years ago when my mother gifted me with one of these little plants.  I was instantly hooked and have spent the past ten years bringing my passion to life.  We are a home based garden studio and licensed succulent nursery in Fairfield, California. I am also a proud mother and wife.  Tony and I have been married for twenty-one years, and we have two beautiful girls named Natalie and Gianna.  

When I am not tending to my business, you can find me relaxing with my family, cooking, and gardening.  I am also an advocate of “Dirt Therapy”!  In case you aren’t sure what that means, I’d like to challenge you to take thirty minutes to go outside, and play in a garden, getting your hands dirty.  The time spent under the sun, with the earth on your fingertips, is incredibly revitalizing and something I cherish.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about both my business, and myself!


Our Story

Succulent Obsession is your home for natural home décor that incorporates living succulents in all of their glory.  This business was originally started in 2011 with our home based storefront opening in December 2014, and represents our love (dare we say, obsession??) with succulents!  We are completely obsessed with these little miracles of nature because they are beautiful, hardy and versatile.  There is something almost magical about the way they can adapt to nearly any environment, and we truly enjoy creating ethical works of living art with them as well as providing succulents for your home.

We strive to provide our customers with a large selection of succulents. We are licensed by the state of California to sell nursery stock. If you are looking for unique baby shower favors or wedding favors (especially popular with bohemian brides), we can accommodate your needs with succulent gifts!  We truly aim to please, and in addition to our unique products we also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.  Each and every purchase is accompanied by the guarantee that your succulents were lovingly hand selected, treated gently and with respect, and represent the pride of our business.  We refuse to sell an item we don’t believe in.

We also offer hands on workshops at our garden studio in Fairfield, CA location!  If you are local to us and interested in learning more about succulents, their care, and their use in both your home and garden, please feel free to contact us.

Succulent Obsession also fosters a great social media presence!  We love interacting with our customers, and often draw from them our inspiration for new products.  We want to know what you want, and so I’d like to invite you to join our growing following of over thirteen thousand organic Facebook friends, our Twitter and Instagram followers too!

We are open by appointment only, please contact us to schedule one today!