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What type of succulent is suitable for you?

Succulents as a whole serve the same purpose. But there are various varieties of succulents and each requires different amounts of water or sunlight from others. Below are some of the most common succulents which you are likely to come across and their care needs. You can choose which is suitable for you.


One of my favorites, this type of succulent has rosettes that resemble big fleshy-petalled daisies. Their leaves range from green, red, burgundy, yellow and variegated. Most Aeoniums can’t survive high temperatures, hot sunlight, desert heat, and high humidity. They need some protection from midday sun that’s why you can plant them under shades and with bright light.You can acclimate them to be in full sun, it takes time but is possible. Some will flower mostly during spring or summer and die after blooming, it’s called the death bloom, but don’t worry she should leave some cute babies behind. They bloom at a different time so you cannot lose the whole plant at once since they have branches. Their rosettes close after summer to protect their vital areas from sunburn. If they get leggy you can cut off the stem and propagate them. Aeoniums are winter growers, make sure you have at least one in your collection, they are an incredible specimen.


They can withstand high heat and sunshine, they also contrast with any plants in your garden and you can also use them for security fencing. They can thrive on poor soil nutrients and low amounts of rainfall. Their roots may rot if waterlogged that’s why they require soil with good drainage ability. To clean up the appearance of the plant, simply remove spent flower stalks and any damaged or dead leaves that appear. Enjoy these beauties!

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